I’m on the Tsubasaya blog – again!

Tsubasaya is an izakaya (bar or tavern) in Toyota City. It has great food and a great atmosphere. Being the tall and blond gaijin that we are, we always call a lot of attention to ourselves whenever we go there. This has led to an appearance on the Tsubasaya blog once before, as you could read in the July 27th post ‘Making friends at the izakaya’.

Last night we showed up at Tsubasaya’s with an entire group of gaijin to have our own little nomikai in order to welcome some colleagues of Dennis who had come on business trip. I was delighted when one of the waitresses asked to take our picture. Yes! Another appearance on the Tsubasaya blog.

On the Tsubasaya blog again! Hurray!

(can anyone translate the text underneath the photo please?)

Maybe I should make it a personal challenge to appear on their blog as much as possible. I wonder if an average of once a month is feasible. I already see how this kind of situation could easily get out of hand, with me showing up there in increasingly ridiculous costumes in order to make it to their blog. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!