Help! I’m being pursued by Japanese transvestites!

Ever since blogging about Matsuko Deluxe (a famous Japanese cross-dresser) last week, I seem to run into Japanese transvestites everywhere I go!

Just the other day as I went grocery shopping, I came across a stage where a guy wearing a dress and a wig was yelling into a microphone. It keeps amazing me how common this apparently is, especially when done in showbiz.

P.S. dear readers, please confirm to me that this is not in fact – and yet again – a famous woman who is just a little in touch with her masculine side…

japanese cross dresser

My run-in with a Japanese transvestite, on the way to the supermarket. This picture also goes to show that the scrunchy (pink hair ribbon in the foreground) lamentably is still in fashion in Japan.

japanese cross dresser

Check out the shoes!  He/ she has nice skin though, kind of makes me jealous

Famous Japanese cross-dresser

Cross-dressing (the act of wearing clothes commonly associated with the opposite sex) is not something European people usually associate with Japanese culture. Imagine my surprise when I saw a huge guy in women’s clothing on Japanese television for the first time.

And it’s no exception, I often see this guy and other guys dressed like women on Japanese tv. Having mistaken a Japanese lady for a man in the past (see post about Japanese New Year’s Eve show), I first confirmed that this is in fact a guy dressed as a woman, before blogging about it. Can someone tell me his/ her name?

cross-dressing Japan

Japanese cross-dresser on TV

Japanese cross-dresser on tv

This guy/ lady is very popular because apparently he/ she is very funny and witty

Japanese New Year’s Eve TV show ‘Kōhaku Uta Gassen’

It was quite exciting to spend New Year in Japan. I was very curious about Japanese New Year rituals and we tried participating in as many as possible.

Our Japanese New Year experience began on New Year’s Eve with a popular TV show called ‘Kōhaku Uta Gassen’ (on the channel NHK). It features spectacular performances by Japan’s most famous music artists, as well as some guest appearances by foreign celebrities. It is a legendary tv show and last year was the 62nd edition.

NHK Kohaku presenters

NHK Kōhaku presenters

Jackie Chan on NHK Kohaku

Jackie Chan on NHK Kōhaku

Lady Gaga on NHK Kohaku

Lady Gaga on NHK Kōhaku (live from New York)

There were more traditional performances: (unfortunately blocked by YouTube I think)

Spectacular performances by J-Pop bands:

And even a male singer (at least I hope he/she is male) in a big golden dress:

I found out later that this singer is female (see comments). My apologies, whoever you are!

Even later I found out she is called Akiko Wada.

(Thank you for the infomation Yuko and Ayako.)

The rest of our Japanese New Year adventure is for another post!