Buddha and Jesus side by side

Many Western hotels have a Bible in every room. I never quite understood why that was the case, so today I looked it up. Apparently the Bibles in hotel rooms are the work of an American society called 'Gideons International'. Their main objective is to provide Bibles free of charge. They are best known for... Continue Reading →

A song for the Tohoku disaster victims, by Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi

Two years ago, on March 11 2011, a massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami destroyed the Tōhoku region in northern Japan. Although two years have passed, the tragedy is still very much alive in Japan. Rebuilding the region, and more importantly, people's lives, will take many more years. In memory of that fateful day, I would... Continue Reading →

Let’s go Japan!

It's over a year ago since the big earthquake and the ensuing tsunami took place in Japan. But even now I regularly keep seeing 'Ganbarou Nippon' flags en logo's everywhere. 'Ganbarou Nippon' (がんばろう日本) means 'Do your best, Japan' or 'Let's go, Japan'. Following the March 11th quake and tsunami, the 'ganbarou nippon' campaign was launched.... Continue Reading →

The Tōhoku quake aftermath

In response to the post about 'my first earthquake', many of the readers recounted their experience during the March 11th earthquake (read the comments on the post). Actually I was already planning on posting about that quake at some point, so now is as good a time as any. In Japan this quake is commonly... Continue Reading →

My first earthquake

Last night I experienced an earthquake for the first time. It was a small one, only 2 on the Shindo scale. 'The what-scale' you say? Don't I mean Richter scale? After some research I found out that the Richter scale measures the energy released at the focus of the earthquake. The Shindo scale measures the... Continue Reading →

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