Japanese university graduation outfit

The school year in Japan starts in April, rather than in September as it does in Europe. Most kids have one or two weeks of holiday before the start of the new school year. All through the month of March, children and parents are busy with graduation ceremonies. There are lots of ceremonies to be... Continue Reading →

Dressing up in kimono

One of my favourite things to do in Japan is playing dress up in kimono. And it's not only for women. Men can also look very dashing in a traditional kimono coat and 'hakama' (formal pants). Quite a change from the guys in yukata that you could see in a previous blog post, don't you... Continue Reading →

Just three girls in a kimono

We participated in a kimono workshop at the Toyota International Association (TIA) in Toyota City. For just a few hundred yen we got to play dress-up professional style, thanks to the kimono-sensei who volunteered to dress us and my friend Mari-san for signing us up. What do you think of the result?

Yukata – summer kimono

Today I wore a yukata for the first time. A yukata is a casual summer kimono, usually made of cotton. In day-to-day life, I usually spot one woman in yukata a day. But at summer festivals and especially at firework displays (hanabi taikai), a lot of people wear yukata. My yukata was a gift from... Continue Reading →

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