Japanese university graduation outfit

The school year in Japan starts in April, rather than in September as it does in Europe. Most kids have one or two weeks of holiday before the start of the new school year. All through the month of March, children and parents are busy with graduation ceremonies. There are lots of ceremonies to be... Continue Reading →

People watching – The Sailor Man

Whenever I run into a fellow gaijin my attention is drawn towards them. They (we) just stand out so much among the mass of dark-haired, small Japanese people. But this guy on the train stood out more than usual. I name him 'The Sailor Man', as he seems more at home in a sail boat... Continue Reading →

My Gaijin Card

All foreigners in Japan have 'a gaijin card'. I don't mean the official 'alien registration card', which is issued by the government and is confusingly also sometimes referred to as 'gaijin card'. I mean the imaginary gaijin card that allows us foreigners to do things that we're actually not supposed to do. Of course we're... Continue Reading →

Cats on the train

When I was on the train from Nagoya to Toyota City the other day, I suddenly heard a meowing sound. It turns out I was standing next to two people carrying a bag full of kitties. There were at least 4 cute fluffy kittens in that bag, if not more. As I followed them outside,... Continue Reading →

People watching

Japan is great for 'people watching'. From ladies in kimono to people in the most extravagant outfits, in Japan you never know what you'll see next. The train is my favourite place for people watching. I know I'm not supposed to, but when I see someone interesting I cannot resist taking a sneak photograph of... Continue Reading →

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