Food and drinks

Today was ‘eat at tiny restaurants day’. We found a dodgy looking little ramen shop near the train station. It seemed like a family business. Food is served within 5 minutes and costs only 1100 yen (9,5 euro) for two people, drinks included .

sitting at the bar
seems like a family business
if a lot of senior citizens are there, the food must be good (this principle applies to cultures all over the world)
miso ramen

In Japan, you can find a soda vending machine about every 15 metres. This was a particularly impressive one at an electronics store. They carry not only sweet soda’s but also iced coffee and green tea based drinks.

so many drinks, so little time...

Dinner in another tiny place: okonimiyaki restaurant (okonomiyaki is a kind of food). Again sitting at the bar, which is very common in Japan. Food is prepared in front of you on the hot plate and you also eat it off the hot plate. Beer always seems to come in 50cl pitchers.

okonomiyaki shop
half eaten okonimiyaki (sorry, it looked so good that I couldn't refrain from eating it until after the picture was taken)

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