The weather

Japan’s summer is hot and humid. We are currently in the rainy season, which lasts about 40 days during the months of June and July. However, during our first week here we didn’t see a drop of rain. Temperatures were very high for the time of year, a few days even up to 37° C, which is a lot higher than the average 26° C for June or even the average 30°C for July. Some days were sunny, others a bit clouded. But always very hot and very humid. In this kind of weather, even breathing makes you break out into a sweat.

blue skies on our first day in Japan

The last two days however, temperatures have dropped and the weather could even be described as nice. So nice that we left the airconditioned sanctuary that is our apartment and ventured out on a leisurely walk. So of course we were looking forward to spending some time outside today on Dennis’s first day off from work. Only we wake up to pouring rain and gray skies!

could the sky look any more gloomy?

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