Typhoon number six

Today and yesterday typhoon nr. 6 passed through Japan. Typhoons are given a number rather than a name. The news on television is all about the typhoon.

reporting on the typhoon

Even on the shopping channel, they show a little map indicating the typhoon’s progress.

keeping an eye on the typhoon and buying face cream at the same time - japan is indeed a highly developed country

Based on all this fuss, I was expecting quite a storm. Tuesday I made my way through rain and strong winds to buy food in order to survive the terrible storm that was announced for Wednesday. I got soaked from head to toe and had to hold on to my umbrella for dear life several times. Needless to say I was a bit disappointed to wake up to relatively clear and completely dry skies today. Apparently the worst of the typhoon passed through the Nagoya area on Tuesday afternoon (when I had my shopping spree) and Tuesday night (when I was safely tucked into bed).

I guess we will have to wait for typhoon nr. 7 to get a more spectacular story.

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