Happy Pocky Day!

Today, November 11th, is Pocky Day. And it’s even more special because the year is 2011.

Pocky is a kind of candy. It’s a stick-shaped biscuit, traditionally covered in chocolate. But these days there are many different kinds of Pocky. One of the most popular kinds is the vividly pink-coloured strawberry taste Pocky.

Strawberry taste Pocky and traditional chocolate Pocky

The reason that today is Pocky day, is of course because the repeated number 1 in the date resembles Pocky sticks.

Actually Pocky exists in Belgium too but there it is called ‘Mikado’.

Mikado pocket chocolate
Mikado chocolate

It is named after the game ‘mikado’. In this game you scatter a bunch of sticks in disarray. The players of the game then take turns removing the sticks from the pile one by one, without moving any of the other sticks. The person who is able to remove the most sticks wins.

Mikado game
Mikado game

12 thoughts on “Happy Pocky Day!

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  1. The ones in Pink are awful. I don’t like (but generally I think strawberry’s are great).
    The chocolate ones are great, especially the finest type (but generally I don’t like chocolate)…

    And off course the game used to be great as well ! (now it’s a long time ago… I don’t even remember the exact rules to play it)

  2. That’s right! Today is the 11th day of the 11th month of the (20)11th year! A great Pocky Day to all!

    Btw, my family is from Germany and I played that Mikado as a kid! Except we called it “Pick Up Sticks” in English. I loved that game. 🙂

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