People watching – The Bunnyman

When heading to the station one busy November morning, I ran into ‘The Bunnyman’. He was an old guy, who was seemingly just hanging out near the station. But what made me stop in my tracks to take a picture were the bunnies. On the ground in front of him, there was a bag with two bunnies on a leash attached to it.

Two bunnies in front of Toyotashi station
Two bunnies in front of Toyotashi station

Bunnyman was obviously very pleased to have attracted my attention. As I was taking pictures of the bunnies, he produced a small bird from somewhere behind him and offered it to me. It was very tame, just like the bunnies. I held the bird for a moment, took a quick snapshot of Bunnyman and unfortunately had to rush off again.

An old man haning out with his animals in front of Toyotashi station
Bunnyman is offering me a small bird

What a wonderful encounter! It totally made my day. I did feel a little sorry for the animals though…


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  1. LOL The Bunnyman is drinking beer (or happoushu). ^^ And the white bunny has a ladybug outfit! I see people dress up dogs but never bunnies, not that I’ve ever seen people walk bunnies…

    1. Yes he was drinking beer and smoking a cigarette. Cleary he was making himself comfortable. I imagine he spent quite some time there, looking for people to talk to. A very original way to meet new people 🙂

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