Pimp My Ride Japan

When walking around in Japan, you never know what you will see next. Like a pimped out turquoise car for example.

pimp my ride Japan

Pimped out turquoise car in the Nagoya City streets

The rims on the turqoise car

The rims on the turquoise car

Detail on the rims

Detail on the rims

 The car just stood there by the roadside, blasting Japanese hip hop music while the owner was casually making a phone call a little bit further off.

Pimped out car owner acting casual

Pimped out car owner acting casual

6 thoughts on “Pimp My Ride Japan

    • I don’t know much about cars but I have seen pimped out cars that made even me burst out in laughter. We have come across adorned versions of the most humble and uncool cars, like for example a Vitz (Yaris in Europe) with a huge spoiler.

    • Yes I think he must be proud. I wonder if people often ask him if they can take pictures of his car. We were three gaijin that day, all three of us photographing and gasping ‘wow, how interesting’.

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