Bunny on a leash

Apparently rabbits are the latest it-animal when it comes to pets. I can easily believe that because yesterday – yet again – I came upon a rabbit on a leash. It was being walked in the park underneath the cherry trees as if it were a dog.

rabbit on a leash and cherry blossoms in Japan
Walking their bunny underneath the cherry blossoms

Whereas most rabbits appear either completely blank and lethargic or downright in panic ready to make a run for it, this rabbit was neither. It was calm yet attentive, turning toward the camera as we were taking pictures. It’s possibly the most photogenic rabbit ever. Its nimble little nose was working overtime trying to determine who was the latest photographer.

Being in Japan – the land where ‘cuteness’ is almost a cult – I have gotten a lower resistance to all things cute, and this rabbit was cuteness overload! It was still a young rabbit (five months old according to the owners), it was wearing a little denim jacket and its fur was as soft as it looks. I was screaming ‘kawaii’ (cute) as if I were a Japanese high school girl!

bunny on a leash photomodel, Japan
Posing like a genuine model
bunny on a leash profile, Japan
Profile to show off its jacket

14 thoughts on “Bunny on a leash

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    1. Since I just ran into these people in the park and had no further contact with them, I have no idea where they got that jacket. Some petshop in Toyota City I guess. You might try the internet? Maybe amazon.co.jp?

  1. I LOVE IT!!!! Makes me want one! The jacket is so cute… and the bunny is precious! I love the Cherry trees.. wish I was still visiting to see that! I bet its so pretty!

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