Bunny alert!

When driving along the highway in Japan, one often comes across signs warning drivers about animals that could possibly cross the road. While in Belgium such signs almost always depict a deer, in Japan the sign can show all sorts of animals. The Japanese love to be specific!

The sign that surprised me most was the one with a bunny on it. It’s especially funny because the sign is bigger than the actual animal. I almost feel as if I should beware of giant bunnies, attacking the cars in Godzilla-like fashion. Fortunately we have had no such encounter yet!

Bunny alert sign Japan
Bunny alert sign in Japan

7 thoughts on “Bunny alert!

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  1. Een konijn, je kan het zo gek niet bedenken of ze zetten het op een bord. Hier vind je oude kromgebogen mensen die de straat oversteken of een olifant.
    Volgen jullie blog nog steeds, goei verhaalkes!

  2. Very Nice! Beware of the giant bunnies. I can’t say I’ve seen a sign like this before in Japan. Around my area I’ve seen Deer, Monkey, Bear and Wild Boar.

    1. This sign was on the way from Nagoya to Kanazawa, maybe somewhere in Gifu-ken I think. We also saw a racoon sign on the way there and of course lots of monkey signs.

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