Funny car

When walking down the street in Japan, you never know what you’re going to see next. Like this oddly shaped car for example. I have never seen this shape in Europe. Although the design is striking, it hardly seems efficient (in terms of luggage space). Does anyone know what kind of car it is and if it is sold only in Japan?

Oddly shaped Japanese car
Oddly shaped Japanese car

Thanks to a comment by ‘RDS’ (see below), I found out that this model is called ‘Toyota WiLL Vi’. It was only produced for one year, from 2000 to 2001 and was only sold in Japan (as far as I know). It was targeted at young women in their 20’s and 30’s. In addition to this car, WiLL-branded computers, phones, and perfumes were sold on the internet. Toyota experimented with this new branding strategy to attract a new generation of buyers. It was a huge success; the demand exceeded the supply.

Click here to read more about the WiLL-Vi.


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    1. It is interesting how some cars in Japan are marketed to be cute of fashionable. The only cars that I can think of with similar marketing in Europe might be the Beetle and the Mini. In Europe cars are marketed more in terms of environmentally friendliness, or as a very manly car, or as reliable cars.

  1. You do indeed still see a few around and usually in decent condition. The ‘Will’ brand was quite interesting – I remember there was a fridge freezer too, mostly with a square orange logo…

  2. Toyota WiLL Vi , this car produce 10 years ago … after that , Toyota also produce WiLL VS & the last is WiLL Cypha .

  3. Hello Helena,
    To me it looks like a car who came out of the movie “Who framed Roger Rabbit”

  4. I also tried googling but can’t find it either. I’m sure several people in the car business read this blog. Help us please! 🙂 What kind of brand and model is this?

    I took this picture in a hurry but next time I see one of these I will definitely go in a little closer to see what brand it is.

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