The streets of Tokoname

I love Japanese manhole covers. They are the perfect example of the Japanese ability to introduce beauty to the most mundane of things. Today I present to you the manhole cover of Tokoname. Located in Aichi prefecture, Tokoname is a small city famous for its ceramics industry. Tokoname has been associated with ceramics production since at least the Heian period and it is one of the ‘Six Old Kilns’ of Japan.

tokoname manhole cover
Tokoname manhole cover with the city’s seal in the middle, surrounded by flowers.
tokoname manhole cover
Tokoname manhole cover, embedded in Tokoname ware tiles

Tokoname is full of interesting textures. Streets and walls are lined with pottery, which gives Tokoname a very original and picturesque look. It is perfect for a day-trip from Toyota City and a great place for a relaxing afternoon stroll.

tokoname pottery streets
One of the most famous streets in Tokoname, beautifully decorated with pottery
tokoname streets lined with pottery
Another Tokoname street lined with pottery
tokoname streets lined with pottery
Decorated wall in Tokoname
a shop in tokoname with pottery embedded in the floor
A shop entrance in Tokoname with pottery embedded in the floor
Tokoname pottery shop
A close-up of the floor of the shop
a beautifully decorated wall in tokoname
A beautifully decorated wall in Tokoname
a close-up of one of the pottery walls in tokoname
A close-up of the wall

Can’t wait to visit Tokoname yourself? Tokoname is located at 30 min. from Nagoya, right next to Chubu Centrair International Airport. The Tokoname City website provides directions to Tokoname and information on sightseeing in Tokoname.


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  1. So interesting! Especially since I love pottery. And manhole covers, too! In Japan, that is. My first trip outside Akita-shi was to Kakunodate and my first photo was with a manhole cover. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Awesome!! When I was travelling in Japan last year, my mum stopped at every single drain cover on the street and took photos like she was the drain cover paparazzi. Very beautiful though!!!!

    1. Your mom and I have something in common then ๐Ÿ™‚ After a while I really got into it and tried collecting pictures of every kind of manhole cover we came across.

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