Fancy fruit

Fruit is extremely expensive in Japan. While in Belgium fruit is priced by the kilo or the bag, in Japan the price usually applies to one single piece of fruit. These apples for instance, cost 198 yen a piece (about 2 euro)!

One thing I do have to admit is that fruit in Japan is of the highest quality. So at least you can take some comfort in the fact that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Expensive japanese fruit

Expensive japanese apples

Strange fruit

I was quite confused when I encountered the fruit in the picture below. It’s shaped like an apple. But the colour doesn’t seem quite right. Would it be alright to just eat this? Or does it need cooking first?

After enquiring with the helpful store personnel, I found out that this is a pear! But it’s round instead of (duh!) pear-shaped. The taste is also a little different from Western pears: it’s less sweet but tasty all the same.

japanese pear

Japanese pear

western-style pear

Western-style pear