Strange fruit

I was quite confused when I encountered the fruit in the picture below. It’s shaped like an apple. But the colour doesn’t seem quite right. Would it be alright to just eat this? Or does it need cooking first?

After enquiring with the helpful store personnel, I found out that this is a pear! But it’s round instead of (duh!) pear-shaped. The taste is also a little different from Western pears: it’s less sweet but tasty all the same.

japanese pear
Japanese pear
western-style pear
Western-style pear

4 thoughts on “Strange fruit

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    1. De winkelbediende die ik aangeklampt had, noemde het inderdaad ‘nashi’. Volgens mijn (eerder beperkte) woordenboek betekent dat peer. Dus heb ik het maar eens gekocht. En het smaakt inderdaad wel 🙂

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