Attack of the killer mosquitoes

A few days ago I had another encounter with Japanese bugs: mosquitoes this time. We were strolling down the historic town of Arimatsu when we encountered a beautiful grove with stairs leading up to a temple.

temple in Japan

the grove

Little did we know that the grove contained a giant swarm of mosquitoes. At first it seemed like there were just a few mosquitoes. We felt that we could easily fend them off with a few handgestures. It turns out we were mistaken.

the stairs leading to a temple in Japan

the stairs with an at that time still unsuspecting gaijin

When we reached the temple at the top of the stairs, the gravity of the situation slowly became clear to us. By then the swarm had fully descended on us and we were being stung left and right, while frantically waving our arms about in futile attempts to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

temple in Japan

mosquito infested temple

We rushed back to the safety of concrete – where there are no pools of still water for mosquitoes to thrive in – but by then it was too late. Behold the result:

D.’s arm shorty after leaving the grove

D.’s arm a few hours later. Some kind of allergic reaction we think. For the next two days, his arm was swollen and numb.

My leg. And that’s just the back of one leg. Both legs are like this, back and front. It seems like some horrible disease, or perhaps a bodypart of Frankenstein’s. But it’s just itchy-as-hell mosquito bites.