A song for the Tohoku disaster victims, by Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi

Two years ago, on March 11 2011, a massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami destroyed the Tōhoku region in northern Japan. Although two years have passed, the tragedy is still very much alive in Japan. Rebuilding the region, and more importantly, people's lives, will take many more years. In memory of that fateful day, I would... Continue Reading →

The meow song – Nekomeshi

I recently came across a Japanese song which is too cute for words. The song imitates a cat talking to its owner. Not only is the song extremely catchy, a noble stranger has taken it upon him- or herself to illustrate the song with beautiful photos on YouTube. Check out the result: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHy7u4N_BAk The repeated... Continue Reading →

Singing their hearts out

Near the Toyota City station, there is a covered walkway. It has some greenery and benches and overall it's a nice area. In the evening all the commuters walk along this  walkway on their way home. Sometimes amateur singers use this location to showcase their talents. In most cases this is for the enjoyment of... Continue Reading →

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