Singing their hearts out

Near the Toyota City station, there is a covered walkway. It has some greenery and benches and overall it’s a nice area. In the evening all the commuters walk along this  walkway on their way home.

The covered walkway near Toyota City Station (up the stairs, underneat the metal structure)
The walkway near Toyota City Station (up the stairs, underneath the metal structure)

Sometimes amateur singers use this location to showcase their talents. In most cases this is for the enjoyment of the singers only. Which is another way of saying that they probably should not count on making it big one day. But every once in a while you run into a singer that makes you stop for a minute and listen to their music.

The band in the video is called ‘Chidori’. They were singing near Toyota station in the beginning of July 2011. I was very impressed with their performance. In my opinion they were even better than some (Japanese) singers with a record deal.

I apologize for the poor video and sound quality. It was made with my photo camera from some distance. Also, you might hear some other music in the background. That’s the station’s music. But I hope that despite the poor quality, you can get an impression of what they were like.

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  1. The music from the station almost melds right into their stuff.

    I met an amazing busker in Osaka once. I gave him a generous hand of cash, lol. Felt a little dumb afterward, but… well, t was worth it.

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