Nagoya style eel – Hitsumabushi

Eel is a popular dish in Japan, especially in summer. It is believed to give you stamina so as to better endure the summer heat. Moreover, grilled eel is a Nagoya speciality. Needless to say I was excited when my friend Mari-san proposed to go to the most famous eel restaurant in Nagoya: Hōraiken. It's... Continue Reading →

Clash of the Titans

Every year in July one of the six Grand Sumo Tournaments is held in Nagoya. It goes without saying that we took advantage of the opportunity to experience a day of real-live sumo. For those of you who live on another planet and have never heard of sumo: sumo is Japanese wrestling. Two very big... Continue Reading →

Veilig aangekomen

We zijn veilig aangekomen in Japan! De vlucht was zeer comfortabel. Vliegen in business class, daar zou ik wel aan gewend kunnen worden. Danku Toyota 🙂 Een fotoverslagje:

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