Different kinds of Pocky

Yesterday was Pocky Day. It is a Japanese 'holiday' that celebrates the snack Pocky. The reason that the 11th of November was chosen as Pocky Day, is because the date consists of lots of 1's, which are of course shaped like Pocky. What is Pocky? It's a crunchy biscuit stick covered with chocolate. This is... Continue Reading →

The walking sausage

In Japan, you never know what you will see next. I know that I have used this sentence before, but that is because it perfectly describes life in Japan. In fact, if I had to summarize my year in Japan in one sentence, it would be just that: "you never know what you'll see next".... Continue Reading →

So much sauce!

A trip to a Japanese supermarket is quite the adventure. The aisles are filled with unknown products. I feel especially overwhelmed when standing in front of the sauce stand. Any Japanese supermarket will have up to three aisles that are filled with nothing but sauce. There are so many different kinds: a wide variety of... Continue Reading →

My Japanese cooking bible

Recently I've accepted the challenge of cooking Japanese meals at home. I had been putting it off for quite some time but there was no escaping it anymore. While 'just having moved to Japan' is an excellent excuse to eat out a lot (read: every night), after two months it really was time to do... Continue Reading →

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