The walking sausage

In Japan, you never know what you will see next. I know that I have used this sentence before, but that is because it perfectly describes life in Japan. In fact, if I had to summarize my year in Japan in one sentence, it would be just that: “you never know what you’ll see next”.

One Saturday afternoon in June, it was this funny guy in the supermarket. I am not even sure how I am supposed to call him (or her, or it?). I think I’ll go with ‘walking sausage’ at the moment. Feel free to submit ideas for a better name in the comments section. I also have no idea why there was a walking sausage in the supermarket. I imagine it is promoting some kind of product, but I have no clue which one.

walking sausage in a Japanese supermarket
The walking sausage. Funny how its eyes seem to stare straight at you, isn’t it?

At first I tried taking a sneaky photograph (without the sausage noticing that I was taking a photograph). But apparently its vision in that suit is better than one would think: it spotted me and started interacting with me. Thinking about it now, I am still not quite sure how it managed to interact with me without the use of limbs, facial expressions or words. But somehow it did! It was even willing to pose for photographs!

Walking sausage posing in Japan
The walking sausage posing for a photograph with some Japanese children

Discover the identity of the walking sausage in the next post, ‘Mystery sausage identified’.


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  1. You should watch the Commercials, if you don’t have done it yet! (And the Music Video []…I think the melody is getting really scary… It’s letting me imagine a haunted theme park with mutated Clowns and Zombie children…XD”)
    They are soooo creepy! [i.e. Or is it only me? But when an army of this scary little babydollfaced things is approching me, I would screaming and running away as fast as possible! .

    BUT… it’s really tasty! ;D

      1. Yes, they really look like zombies! πŸ˜€ If it’s just one of them and without the music, they become a little less scary. At least nobody in the supermarket ran away.

    1. I’m starting to see double with all these different kinds of fish eggs πŸ™‚ The English Wikipedia page for tarako says that tarako is Pollock eggs (although tara means cod), but the Wikipedia page for mentaiko says that mentaiko is Pollock eggs. I’m confused. Is it possible that Japanese people themselves can’t tell the difference between these two kinds of fish eggs? Or is it just us gaijin and Wikipedia?

    1. Thanks for sharing the song! It’s quite catchy. I guess I’ll be singing ‘tarako tarako’ from now on, instead of ‘nya nyanya nyanya’. I am going to write an update tomorrow about the identity of our mystery ‘sausage’.

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