Girl meets car

Today I visited the Toyota Technical Centre in Toyota City. It’s an impressive grey building, where ‘the engineering magic’ is supposed to happen. The lobby is made up of shiny grey and white surfaces, filled with salarymen dressed in white, grey and black. Are you starting to get the picture?

Toyota technical centre lobby
Toyota Technical Centre lobby

However, nobody notices these surroundings when entering. Because inside the lobby, there is a Lexus LFA on display. Half of the readers of this blog will probably react with ‘OMG!!! A real-life LFA!’. The other half will probably think ‘A what???’. The LFA is a super sports car, made by Lexus, which is part of the Toyota Motor Company.

Girl meets car - the Lexus LFA
Girl meets car – the Lexus LFA

Even if you don’t care about cars at all, you have to admire the sophisticated design and beautiful lines that shape the car. If you want to understand what all the fuss is about, you should watch the Top Gear review of this car. After watching this review, even people who don’t know anything about cars – like me – will get excited.

4 thoughts on “Girl meets car

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  1. Nice looking car but over here we do not think much of Japanese made toyota’s anymore because of the many malfunctions they have experienced. I hope they have worked out the problems. The car looks pretty sheek & sporty like. I will say that for sure. Nice display. Good job.

  2. Hello ,

    bent niet zo technisch aangelegd wat auto’s betreft
    maar ” this is a nice car ”

    mooi, mooi

    geniet van jullie verblijf en van het samenzijn

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