Happy Tree Friends

When I was in the 100yen shop the other day, I saw a woman wearing a ‘Happy Tree Friends’ T-shirt.

Happy Tree Friends T-shirt
Happy Tree Friends T-shirt

I wonder if she actually knows what ‘Happy Tree Friends’ is. For those of you who don’t know either: it’s a cartoon about cuddly little animals who die gruesome deaths. It started as an internet phenomenon but is now widely succesful and even appears on tv in some countries.

Happy Tree Friends
The Happy Tree Friends

This lady probably just thought ‘Aw, what a nice T-shirt. It has a picture of cute animals on it and the words ‘happy’ and ‘friends’.’ But actually the show is extremely violent (a bit too much for me) and definitely not suited for children. If you want to see one of the cartoons, click here.

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