Napping on concrete

One of the strangest things I’ve seen in Japan so far, is people lying down on the street to take a nap. That’s right, not in a nice meadow, a park or even under a tree somewhere. Just on the concrete.

sleeping on the ground in japan 1
Two guys sleeping on the ground at Inuyama station. Are they drunk? Or just really really tired?

When I saw this, I wondered if these people were homeless. But they seemed too well-groomed to be homeless. So I just dismissed it as an isolated case of crazy or perhaps drunk people.

But then a few weeks later I saw it again. This time it was definitely not a homeless person as he was wearing a uniform and clearly just taking a nap next to his truck.

sleeping on the ground in japan 4
Having a little rest on the job?

Are these people exceptions or is this normal in Japan? It seems very strange that in a country that’s all about purity and cleanliness, people would just take a nap on the ground. But then again, Japan is also the land of contradictions …


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  1. Wow. That’s pretty wild. I see a lot of kids squatting on the streets of Tokyo but these…

    If you go to music festivals, yes, there would be people lying down, seemingly dead or dead tired but in a festival environment, but just regular people on regular streets seem rather strange… (Maybe near construction sites?)

    1. The guys at Inuyama station seemed more like salarymen though… I was also surprised they were all middle-aged men, because indeed I would expect this more from teenagers or people at a festival or in a park or something.

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