Help! I’m being pursued by Japanese transvestites!

Ever since blogging about Matsuko Deluxe (a famous Japanese cross-dresser) last week, I seem to run into Japanese transvestites everywhere I go!

Just the other day as I went grocery shopping, I came across a stage where a guy wearing a dress and a wig was yelling into a microphone. It keeps amazing me how common this apparently is, especially when done in showbiz.

P.S. dear readers, please confirm to me that this is not in fact – and yet again – a famous woman who is just a little in touch with her masculine side…

japanese cross dresser
My run-in with a Japanese transvestite, on the way to the supermarket. This picture also goes to show that the scrunchy (pink hair ribbon in the foreground) lamentably is still in fashion in Japan.
japanese cross dresser
Check out the shoes!  He/ she has nice skin though, kind of makes me jealous

7 thoughts on “Help! I’m being pursued by Japanese transvestites!

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  1. Yes, she/he is a famous TV star apparently very money making selling beauty products. She/he spends hours in a beauty salons every single day.

    1. I just saw her on a beauty product commercial the other day and now I realise how famous she is! At the time I saw her in Toyota City, I thought it was just another guy in a dress. Oh my 🙂

  2. That’s Ikko-san! Wow! I can’t believe that she was just out there standing on a stage and chatting with the masses! She’s on TV a lot… actually I just saw her last week or so talking about all the million, billion-yen beauty treatments she takes to keep looking young.

    Of course all the other comedians on set hassle the shit out of her.

    1. Wow, you seem to know everyone 🙂 Thank you for telling me who she is. I didn’t realize she was famous.

      I can imagine she gets lots of beauty treatments. Maybe if I got all those treatments too, my skin might look equally good:-p

  3. Hihi ; mooi kleedje ; Zeg , ik zie daar in het publiek zoveel mensen met een maskertje voor ? zijn die op weg naar een Bank ?
    Dus plateau schoenen zijn voor trafestieten ; haha , één van mijn FB vriendinnen heeft er net zulke gekocht ; zal die blij zijn met deze kennis . Geniet van het goede weer ; wij doen hier hetzelfde met dezelfde zonnestralen (maar dan wat later hé).

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