Kids sleeping on the train

Japanese people have the remarkable ability to take a nap anytime anywhere. A favourite place for those power naps is the train. While most adults try to maintain a fairly upright position even while sleeping, these kids seem to have no such reservations and have comfortably settled themselves for a nap on the way home.

kids sleeping on the train in Japan
Kids sleeping on the train in Japan


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  1. because of japan, i can comfortably read a book inside a train or take a nap, that is if i manage to find a sit 🙂 love this post! so true and reflects a piece of the daily lives!

    1. Train travel in Japan is so comfortable! Even when it is super crowded, it feels a lot less crowded than in Europe because everyone is so calm and well behaved. And I also love the train in Japan because it is a great place for people watching 🙂

  2. I must have been Japanese in another life. While I don’t use public transportation here at home, I did while in Germany. I can fall asleep sitting upright so easily! It was a tad bit embarrassing because I would end up dropping my cell phone and waking myself up to notice I was being looked at. :p It’s especially difficult when you have a hot guy sitting next to you as you sleep with your mouth hanging open.

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