Beauty for sale

A vending machine… for beauty products. Only in Japan!

Vending machine for beauty products, © 2012 www.thejapans.wordpress.comA vending machine for beauty products, © 2012

9 thoughts on “Beauty for sale

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  2. Actually, this aspect of Japan (vending machines) fascinates me. Haha. Weird, I know. We have vending machines here in the Philippines, too, but that’s just for food, mostly small snacks. Japan has vending machines for everything. I want to take a picture beside a non-food-related vending machine in Japan, one of these days haha

    • I can relate. I was very impressed by the fact that Japan has vending machines for drinks just about anywhere. You can’t go 500 meters without seeing one. And in the winter they carry hot drinks. How convenient!

  3. Do most Japanese have acne problems?
    Here in the states Proactive used to be sold primarily on TV or online. I think now some pharmacies carry it.
    As for strange vending machines, I once saw one that sold tampons, cigarettes, t-shirts, music cds and all sorts of odds n ends.

    • I haven’t seen that many people with acne problems in Japan. Of course there are several possible explanations for this:
      – I did not meet a lot of teenagers, mostly adults
      – Japanese women generally wear more make-up than Belgian ones, so maybe they are just a pro at covering up their acne
      – There is excellent acne medicine in Japan. Suffering from the problem myself, I was prescribed something that the doctor referred to as ‘chinese medicine’. It worked wonders in clearing up my acne, something that the Belgian dermatologist hadn’t achieved even after 6 months of antibiotics.

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