Umbrella vending machine

In Japan, there is vending machine for everything, apparently. I was so surprised to see a vending machine for umbrellas! Very convenient though.

Umbrella vending machine in Japan
Umbrella vending machine in Japan

If you want to see other vending machines, I also wrote a post about a Japanese vending machine for beauty products.


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  1. i love japan and their vending machine culture. it should be implemented everywhere for convenience, though i suspect this would not be successful in many countries.

        1. It makes me a bit sad. I wish people would take better care of things and be more respectful. That is one of the things I love about Japan, that people are more respectful in general.

    1. They open their umbrella’s even for the thiniest speck of rain. Being from Belgium, where it rains so often, a bit of drizzle doesn’t really prompt me to take out my umbrella.

      1. Same goes from me. I’m a Belgian and living in Japan for now and I sometimes get the question “Why aren’t you carrying an umbrella?” “Erhmn.. because it is barely raining?” 🙂

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