People watching: Giraffe costume

Japan is full of surprises. For example, here I was strolling around a department store, when suddenly I saw someone dressed in what I believe to be a giraffe costume. It seems this person was just hanging out with friends and I could see no apparent reason to be wearing a giraffe costume. Although one could wonder if there ever is a good reason to wear a giraffe costume. The scene did put a smile on my face so maybe that is reason enough.

Hanging out with friends in a quiet department store in Toyota City, casually dressed in a giraffe costume


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  1. Personally I wonder if there is a good reason NOT to wear a giraffe costume…I guess the zebra costume could be attractive too?

    1. It’s possible, although the picture to me looks like she was hanging with friends. Somehow I cannot imagine a Japanese person assuming that kind of posture on the job.

  2. Hey Helena, I have seen something like that in Holland. Maybe he/she lost a bet.
    Or if it ‘s a he: he is going to marry, and as part of the bachelor party his friends are trowing him, he has to ware this costume. As a punishment for being so stupid to leave the brotherhood of single friends.

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