The Mochi Mobile

Anyone who has lived in the Toyota City center or has visited Toyota City will know the characteristic sound of 'The Mochi Mobile'. It's a little van that drives around the city while blasting it's characteristic song from a megaphone. This is what it sounds like: I've heard the wildest theories about the significance... Continue Reading →

Napping on concrete

One of the strangest things I've seen in Japan so far, is people lying down on the street to take a nap. That's right, not in a nice meadow, a park or even under a tree somewhere. Just on the concrete. When I saw this, I wondered if these people were homeless. But they seemed... Continue Reading →

Singing their hearts out

Near the Toyota City station, there is a covered walkway. It has some greenery and benches and overall it's a nice area. In the evening all the commuters walk along thisĀ  walkway on their way home. Sometimes amateur singers use this location to showcase their talents. In most cases this is for the enjoyment of... Continue Reading →

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