Japanese advertising slogans

I love Japanese advertising slogans. They often include English words that have been used in a very Japanese way. Japanese copywriters are clearly convinced that positive words are the way to go. I often see a collection of positive words thrown together in a way that no native English speaker would ever use them.

What do you think of this slogan to promote apple candy: ‘Health and beauty for your life’? The message that they want to bring across is clear but no Western copywriter would communicate it so directly. Reading this kind of Japanese advertising slogan instantly puts a smile on my face. It sounds so sweet and innocent and frankly I find it quite endearing.

Japanese advertising slogans
These apple candies will bring health and beauty to your life! Yes they will!

Have a look at some other examples:

Hopeful bargain in Tokyo, Japan
Hopeful bargain in Tokyo, Japan
freshness burger in Nagoya airport
Freshness burger in Nagoya airport
funny english in japan toiletpaper
Japanese toilet paper, bringing happiness to your life

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    1. I think they go for English to sound modern, but then they first think of their slogan in Japanese and then translate it literally into English, which makes for these funny phrases.

    1. Freshness Burger is both a name and what they do. Their product and ingredients are good (and occasionally I will have one of their delicious avocado burgers with a fresh 1/2 avocado in it). Among the main fast food burger chains they do sit below MOS Burger, but easily above McDo and BK (in my opinion). I also get feedback from visitors to Japan how much better the food quality of something like MacDonalds is over the same product in the USA.

    1. Yes, probably it sounds exotic and stylish to Japanese ears. In Belgium, T-shirts with Japanese text print have been popular for the past few years. I’ve heard from Japanese people who live here that these prints are equally hilarious to them.

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