The Tōhoku quake aftermath

In response to the post about 'my first earthquake', many of the readers recounted their experience during the March 11th earthquake (read the comments on the post). Actually I was already planning on posting about that quake at some point, so now is as good a time as any. In Japan this quake is commonly... Continue Reading →

My first earthquake

Last night I experienced an earthquake for the first time. It was a small one, only 2 on the Shindo scale. 'The what-scale' you say? Don't I mean Richter scale? After some research I found out that the Richter scale measures the energy released at the focus of the earthquake. The Shindo scale measures the... Continue Reading →

Typhoon number six

Today and yesterday typhoon nr. 6 passed through Japan. Typhoons are given a number rather than a name. The news on television is all about the typhoon. Even on the shopping channel, they show a little map indicating the typhoon's progress. Based on all this fuss, I was expecting quite a storm. Tuesday I made... Continue Reading →

Attack of the killer mosquitoes

A few days ago I had another encounter with Japanese bugs: mosquitoes this time. We were strolling down the historic town of Arimatsu when we encountered a beautiful grove with stairs leading up to a temple. Little did we know that the grove contained a giant swarm of mosquitoes. At first it seemed like there... Continue Reading →

The weather

Japan's summer is hot and humid. We are currently in the rainy season, which lasts about 40 days during the months of June and July. However, during our first week here we didn't see a drop of rain. Temperatures were very high for the time of year, a few days even up to 37° C,... Continue Reading →

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