Autumn leaves

Autumn has arrived in Toyota City. It has for quite some time actually. Every since the beginning of October, there has been a drastic drop in temperature and humidity. The scorching heat has subsided to make way for a very pleasant climate with a humidity level that leaves my hair allmost frizz-free. We are now... Continue Reading →

Forces of nature

Today typhoon nr. 15, a.k.a. Roke, passed through Japan. It's the first typhoon since we've been here that passed directly over Nagoya and Toyota-City, and the first one that really had me worried. Yesterday on the news we watched images of Nagoya being flooded. And that was before the typhoon even arrived. The flooding was... Continue Reading →

Summer in Japan

The summer in Japan is drawing to an end. Yesterday school started again and typhoon number 12 is making for gloomy and rainy weather. Time for a retrospective on summer in Japan. Weather - Before coming here, everyone had warned me about the 'crazy Japanese summer' and the especially the crazy weather. I thought people... Continue Reading →

Typhoon number six

Today and yesterday typhoon nr. 6 passed through Japan. Typhoons are given a number rather than a name. The news on television is all about the typhoon. Even on the shopping channel, they show a little map indicating the typhoon's progress. Based on all this fuss, I was expecting quite a storm. Tuesday I made... Continue Reading →

The weather

Japan's summer is hot and humid. We are currently in the rainy season, which lasts about 40 days during the months of June and July. However, during our first week here we didn't see a drop of rain. Temperatures were very high for the time of year, a few days even up to 37° C,... Continue Reading →

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