Bunny on a leash

Apparently rabbits are the latest it-animal when it comes to pets. I can easily believe that because yesterday - yet again - I came upon a rabbit on a leash. It was being walked in the park underneath the cherry trees as if it were a dog. Whereas most rabbits appear either completely blank and... Continue Reading →

Help! I’m being pursued by Japanese transvestites!

Ever since blogging about Matsuko Deluxe (a famous Japanese cross-dresser) last week, I seem to run into Japanese transvestites everywhere I go! Just the other day as I went grocery shopping, I came across a stage where a guy wearing a dress and a wig was yelling into a microphone. It keeps amazing me how... Continue Reading →

Angry Birds Real Estate

At first glance I thought this place was a day care center. The balloons, the bright colours, the cute (kawaii) animal drawings... But a closer look revealed that this place is in fact a real estate agency. It is a clear example of the cultural difference between Japan and Europe. Whereas in Japan this styling... Continue Reading →

Pimp My Ride Japan

When walking around in Japan, you never know what you will see next. Like a pimped out turquoise car for example.  The car just stood there by the roadside, blasting Japanese hip hop music while the owner was casually making a phone call a little bit further off.

Golden Shower

There is a Thai restaurant in Toyota City called 'Golden Shower', I kid you not. We were a little apprehensive when we first saw the place, as no doubt there are many places in Japan where one might go for an actual golden shower. But after a closer inspection it seems like this is just... Continue Reading →

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