People watching – The Bunnyman

When heading to the station one busy November morning, I ran into 'The Bunnyman'. He was an old guy, who was seemingly just hanging out near the station. But what made me stop in my tracks to take a picture were the bunnies. On the ground in front of him, there was a bag with... Continue Reading →

Cats on the train

When I was on the train from Nagoya to Toyota City the other day, I suddenly heard a meowing sound. It turns out I was standing next to two people carrying a bag full of kitties. There were at least 4 cute fluffy kittens in that bag, if not more. As I followed them outside,... Continue Reading →

Napping on concrete

One of the strangest things I've seen in Japan so far, is people lying down on the street to take a nap. That's right, not in a nice meadow, a park or even under a tree somewhere. Just on the concrete. When I saw this, I wondered if these people were homeless. But they seemed... Continue Reading →

Strange fruit

I was quite confused when I encountered the fruit in the picture below. It's shaped like an apple. But the colour doesn't seem quite right. Would it be alright to just eat this? Or does it need cooking first? After enquiring with the helpful store personnel, I found out that this is a pear! But... Continue Reading →

The other Japanese toilet

When people think of Japanese toilets - as I'm sure many of us often do - they think of the high-technology toilet with all the buttons, that looks more like a space-ship than an actual toilet. Standard functions include two sprays of water (one for boys and one for girls), a blow dryer and preheated... Continue Reading →

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